Who Am I?

Greetings, weary Internet blog reader! For those of you who have no idea who I am, that’s fine, I don’t expect you to, but allow me to introduce myself! A Jersey boy at heart and a lover of film, I’ve never taken a journalism class in my life, and have only taken one basic film class in college, but still my love for movies outweighs most of my other “hobbies.”  Thank Netflix, thank some of my other friends for getting me into cinema, thank the fact that I have to escape my boring life…alright maybe the last one was a pity plea, but still, ever since college my interest in movies has been blossoming. And I watch a lot…I mean A LOT of movies, and what better way to understand all the types of films than to cram as many into your skull as possible?

Also, in my previously mentioned film class, I had a professor that was some fresh out of college, pretentious prick and thought he was a golden film God because he had a fancy degree. Every movie he loved was a masterpiece, no questions asked.

I disagreed. I disagreed wholeheartedly. I pretty much slept through every film he showed (except Fargo) and wondered to myself, “Who is this guy to say his opinion is the end of the line?” That’s when I realized that the degree didn’t mean anything. Yes, he can recite all the fancy terms and make comments about the lighting and camera angles and blah blah blah, but if a movie isn’t entertaining, then I don’t care about the technicalities.

That’s what I want to convey. Are you going to like this movie or not. You won’t hear fancy technical talk all that much, but I promise you will get an in-depth understanding of a movie and whether it is suitable for your tastes. So yea, I may not be masterfully trained, but you don’t need millions of film classes to appreciate a film or the industry itself. I’m not going to sit here and reference as many movies as I can in one review to try and impress you. Whatever it takes to explain the movie at hand, I will do. That is my goal and I hope I can translate that to the best of my abilities.

6/10/2012 Update:  Still going strong somehow! Thanks to all that have been reading, and I’m writing every chance I can get. I do apologize for any typos though, as I’m the only one running this crazy thing, and I’m doing so while commuting to a full time job in NYC. That leaves about -5 hours for movie watching/reviewing, but dammit, even if I have to bend the space time continuum, I get it done. That, my friends, is dedication. Or stupidity. Haven’t decided yet.

8/12/2013 Update: Hey everyone! So, yeah, life is a f@cking crazy thing, and since last July I’ve become an Associate Editor for We Got This Covered, a top-notch entertainment website specializing in Films, Gaming, Television, and Blu-Rays. We offer up-to-the-minute news, brilliant reviews (movie reviews by yours truly), insightful editorials, engaging podcasts, exclusive interviews, and just about anything else the cinema lover in you could ask for. I’m not updating Cinema Scrutiny much as all lately, because so much of my time is now being devoted to WGTC, but be sure to check us out and follow my journalistic adventures there! Thanks so much to the people who have been Cinema Scrutiny fans in the past, but I’ll be back here and there to share my experiences! For all my actual writing though, with has me posting numerous reviews and updates every single week (at least once a day), you can find me over at WGTC. Thanks all!

Where To Find Nato!

We Got This Covered (Associate Editor)
Rotten Tomatoes Certified Critic Nato’s Weekly New Release Roundup

Some Personal Favorites For Y’all!

Films: Snatch, [REC], Super Troopers, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Platoon, Evil Dead II, Cabin In The Woods, Airplane!, anything Tarantino (total stereotypical fanboy), Starship Troopers, blah I could go on for days, but those are all winners to me!

Television: The League, Archer, Community, Bob’s Burgers, Skins (UK), The Venture Bros, Robot Chicken, The IT Crowd (UK), Rescue Me…again, so many to name, but those have been pretty prevalent recent.

Music: As of my most recent update, right now we’re rocking a lot of Enter Shikari, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, Killswitch Engaged (so glad Jesse stepped right back in so well), The Damned Things, Every Time I Die, Halestorm, Endeverefter, Dead Sara, A Day To Remember, Heaven’s Basement, Set Your Goals but nerdy white rappers are also very dear to my heart, so I’m replaying Hoodie Allen and Can’t Stop Won’t Stop in between all that hard-rocking action.

Gaming: Sadly only Call Of Duty: Black Ops II right now. With all the movie work I’m doing, I don’t have time for campaigns and whatnot, but multi-hour Search and Destroy sessions with some old friends always seems to calm me down.

It’s a pleasure to meet you!

8 Responses to Natobomb

  1. jovanny says:

    i agree with having a teacher like that must be horrible it must be like having a friend huw wants you 2 like hies tipe of video game its like if i like action game he wants me to due the opposite he want me to like role playing games its not happening im not saying role playing game are bad just that is not my thing and in movie i love action movies but i got a girlfriend huw loves romantic ones but wen tere a good romantic movie that is int exactly predictable i can l watch it but no matter how much she tries to shove movies like” when in Rome ” date night ” you again oh and i now it is int romantic but my cousin wanted me 2 see furry vengeance omggg i wanted to leave the movie theater. tere was a time were i love seeing brendan fraser i wanted to be like him wenewer i saw him in the mummy wen i was a kid i jut 2 jump around like i was in the movie now i see these and all i wanted 2 due was to get up and leave oh and what else ?.. o yeah yure Favorite movies i loved [REC], Pulp Fiction, Crank, Saving Private Ryan, Inception especially The Shawshank Redemption the relationship between those 2 was my favorite part tere friendship and
    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World i dont want 2 say i loved it but i deffenetly like the visuals it fealt like the verry first live action video game it was funny but it got a litle bit weird its just my opinion i now alot of people loved it and its a great movie maybe if i play the game i will like it even better dont now but for me the best movies for all times are [ batman the dark night, district 9,Cloverfield ] i loves these becouse they always kept me on the edge of my seat i was always wondering was whas going 2 happen next

    • Oh yeah I have a special place for Cloverfield in my heart even though most people I talked to hated it. Of course Dark Night and District 9 are excellent films. It’s hard to say what my favorite movies are because they are constantly changing based on time and mood. But, as of now, Scott Pilgrim is really up there for me. I really dug the comic book vibe, it was one of the only times I loved Cera in a role, and Edgar Wright is my favorite director. His quick cut techniques and frantic editing were perfect for a comic book adaptation.

      • jovanny says:

        the ting about Cloverfield is that i got a litle dizzy with the camera effect at first i was getting super dizzy but after a while i started 2 like it, that’s the only thing that i didint like at first

      • jovanny says:

        oh yeah i remember something you said before, about people saying that yure reviews are a snob let me quote “but the fact of the matter is I get comments telling me how I’m some stupid film snob who doesn’t have any taste and am just some jealous piece of crap because I can’t make my own movie ” yeah i understand how that can make any one feel misunderstood maybe but tere will always be people saying think that they are the biggest thing wen they talk 2 you just ignore them because i read yure review and tere great and wen a movie sucks it sucks we don’t have 2 sugar coat it its like these if you go 2 a restaurant a very fancy the place looks amazing but wen you get 2 the food it tastes super flat ore bad the food has no flavor , then all you got 2 due is get up and leave and tell everybody the place sucksss terse nothing good about it a movie can have over the top special effect and look great but wen the story its just stupid just say it anybody hue disagrees just tell them you respect tere opinion only if tere kinda wright im just saying just keep doing what you du best 🙂

      • Natalia says:

        Epic poster for an epic film! The look for the crhaacter of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid games I believe.Shame about the sequel Escape to LA’ though can never get that awful surfing scene out of my head.

  2. jovanny says:

    hey if you don’t mind me asking how much time do you pass looking or writing on yure site or blog
    just wondering ?

    • Well I just graduated college and started working full time, so the last two weeks have been hectic, but I’m setting a goal of about two reviews and two entries a week. I like writing as a hobby for now, I find it relaxing, it’s just finding the time to catch the movies now. But yeah, I usually set aside an hour for a review, and check it periodically every day.

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