Well, here goes attempt number two everybody. Life is full of learning experiences, and what Cinema Scrutiny has learned recently is that owning a domain name is good and all, but not when the domain provider is a piece of garbage. Not only did it lock me out of my website for about a month and a half this summer because of their own “technical difficulties,” but they refused to answer help e-mails and had a format that changed so frequently I couldn’t even keep my fonts synchronized. So I’ve decided to take the easy route and set up a free (yay!) blog for you to follow, and I can already tell it’s more technologically advanced than the domain editor. So, back from the dead is Nato to once again try to deliver quality writing to the masses and hopefully entertain all of you.

A huge feature on this blog is the ability to comment on my articles so I encourage you to speak your mind about anything you read. I love to hear what other people have to say, because an opinion is an opinion for a reason. I don’t expect you to agree with every review and article, but that is what makes the internet so great. I look forward to hearing your ideas and encourage open discussion. But please, don’t be a doucher and abuse this privilege? If you have nothing good to say or can’t convey your idea in an intelligent manner, please refrain from making a total idiot of yourself in the comment section – you’re doing us all a favor.

With that said, I hope I can capture as many readers as I can, and I look forward to hearing from you all!

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