NNWIJ: Cold Fish (2010)

Director: Shion Sono

Notable Cast: Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Asuka Kurosawa, Denden

Rating: R

Review:  Dude, Japanese cinema is some crazy stuff but man can they command a story infused with demented fun despite running over two hours.  Cold Fish delves into the crazy underground game of tropical fish sales…yes apparently there is a seedy backstory in Japan for this market…and follows lowly store owner Mr. Syamoto (Fukikoshi) as he’s taken under the wing of superstore rival store owner Mr. Murata (Denden).

As Mr. Murata involves Mr. Syamoto more in his daily activities, the meek Syamoto starts to realize Mr. Murata may be involved in far more than just some back room deals.  Mr. Murata literally cuts his way through the competition with Syamoto as his timid accomplice, slowly manipulating Syamoto to carry out his bidding.  But as time goes on strange feelings stir inside Mr. Syamoto, absorbing the energy Mr. Murata has been expressing.  This is where Cold Fish grabs you and refuses to let go, as you watch Mr. Syamoto inevitably spiral directly down a drain of madness.  The charismatic and vivacious Mr. Murata, played eerily believable by Denden, is a monster psychopath through and through, but remains a delight to watch in doing so. With an enchantingly sinister screen presence, Denden achieves horror through twisted mentality and a brutally violent God complex tainting his view on reality.  Mr. Syamoto is disturbed and horrified at first, but as he slowly starts to turn a dark metamorphosis takes place thrusting Mr. Syamoto into his own realm of madness.  Character dynamics between both characters are off the chart, as Sono’s sinister screenplay dances a line too offensive for some.  But in order to achieve horror greatness boundaries must be pushed, and Cold Fish is chock full of harsh depictions of sex and remorseless killing so graphic some will be immediately turned off.  That is a promise.  But those who can make it through Mr. Syamoto’s character evolution will be treated to some wild psychological horror and a full circle transformation worth every minute.  Oh yeah, Cold Fish totally deserves that Bloody Disgusting stamp of approval.

Netflix Rating: 4/5

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