NNWIJ: Midnight Movie (2008)

Director: Jack Messitt

Notable Cast: Rebekah Brandes, Daniel Bonjour, Jon Briddell, Michael Swan, Brea Grant

Rating: R

Review:  Yup, back on that old Netflix horror grind.  Continuing my quest to uncover the perfect low-budget slasher, Midnight Movie was next in line.  Taking up space on my Netflix Watch Instantly Queue for weeks, I decided to host my own little midnight throwback horror viewing and see what the fuss was about.  Playing like a self-aware and rationale altering horror film, Midnight Movie tells the tale of a group of theatre patrons being hunted by their on-screen slasher villain as he randomly transports from film to reality.  Paranoid and scared, the group try to escape the cult killer’s wrath, but get dragged into the movie as Skull Face skewers victims one by one.  In essence: a haunted movie traps people in a movie theatre, cuts them off from the outside world, and kills them in real life only to trap them in Skull Face’s cinematic word where they for some odd reason continue to live.  Yes, it’s fair to say Midnight Movie backs off from normal horror conventions and goes the “what the hell is going on” route.  Some originality is to be commended as the killer passes from screen to reality (like a movie theatre Freddy Krueger), and a funky spiral cutter weapon only cements individualism.  Not sure I believe Skull Face can extract organs with the dastardly device as it’s practically closed off from all sides and enters the body with a sharp point, but hell, I’m not willing to find out either.  Jack Messitt’s micro-budget slasher film is created as an homage to the genre as a whole, while attempting to introduce new elements only Messitt will be remembered for.  But, with the low-budget comes campy effects, a rubber masked killer, typical B-Movie character stereotypes, passable acting, but tons of heart.  Midnight Movie feels less like a cash in and more like a passion project, where most directors usually falter.  For true horror fans, Midnight Movie avoids being a last-ditch effort and can be a fun watch.  Just adjust your expectations and hope Skull Face doesn’t crash your party as well!

Netflix Rating: 3/5

About Matt Donato

Co-Founder of the Certified Forgotten Universe. Editor, Podcaster, Writer, and pretty rad dude. Don't feed him after midnight, but beers are encouraged. Twitter/Instagram/Letterboxd: @DoNatoBomb.
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