Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Directors: Tim Heidecker/Eric Wareheim

Notable Cast: Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, John C Reilly, Will Ferrell, Will Forte, Zach Galifianakis, Jeff Goldblum, Robert Loggia, Ray Wise

Rating: R

Review:  Yes, someone gave Tim and Eric financing for a feature film.  Now, if those two generic sounding names don’t ring a bell, then obviously you’ve never watched their Adult Swim show Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!  Now, if you don’t watch Adult Swim, that probably means you aren’t into the whole geek culture and have a pretty mainstream sense of humor.  Me personally?  I can watch “Sealab 2021” at any moment and own every season of “Robot Chicken” to date.  Judge all you want, but Tim and Eric’s off-color humor stylings are now a staple of Adult Swim, and I pity the soul too repressed to find these entertainers deranged yet hilarious.  It’s fairly simple though, if you can YouTube Tim and Eric’s show and not belt a laugh, the movie is an immediate pass.  Their Billion Dollar Movie won’t win over a single new fan and will probably be too overwhelming for Tim and Eric virgins, but for prospective fans and hardcore followers, the film version is everything hoped for and more, given even more freedoms than the already lenient Adult Swim.  Just be careful of the wolf.

Plot wise, as expected, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie is rather simple.  Handed a billion dollars, Tim and Eric are given the shot at creating a Hollywood blockbuster by a wealthy producer.  Instead, they waste the money on makeovers, helicopter rides, a Johnny Depp impersonator, and their life coach Jim Joe Kelly (Galifianakis).  Now broke with no movie, the two have to come up with a billion dollars to repay the creepy financier, or he’ll kill them both.  At this time, our heroes see a commercial for the Swallow Valley Mall, stating whoever takes over managing from current owner Damien Weebs (Ferrell) will make a billion dollars.  Yes, Tim and Eric run to the mall immediately and demand the job.  Friends are made, times are hard, laughs are had, and people explode.  Pretty much…wait, what?

Yes Tim and Eric, assert yourselves like only you can…

Yeah, so again let me reiterate Tim and Eric amp up the weird for their feature debut, which is both a bonus but curse.  So, so many people will dismiss their Billion Dollar Movie for unwatchable trash because such left field humor does not resonate with everyone.  I’m serious, if you can’t laugh at one of their skits online, don’t even bother with the film.  Walk away and save yourself the inevitable “worst movie of the year” rant. Fans of the show are going to absolutely love this film though, assuring an almost certain cult status just by one viewing.  Both Heidecker and Wareheim are some of the ballsiest comedians out there honestly, creating this strange humor but owning every second of it.  Between the two, there is no fear in pulling off a joke, as they put themselves in situations so bizarre I don’t think I could face my best friend the next day if in their place.  You can just tell that these two are the type that take a step back from a joke, and determine it would be funnier if one of them were wearing a thong.  Next thing you know, Tim Heidecker is fighting in nothing but a thong.  Having no fear and dedicating to their craft, Tim and Eric possess such a unique vision in the terms of comedy.  Punch lines run on and on, to an awkward extent, yet are overdone so much they passes through all the annoying stages and right back into funny land somehow.  You’ll quickly learn no one does it like Tim and Eric, for better or worse.

What does help Tim and Eric’s film a tad more in terms of appealing to all audiences is the constant addition of different comedic talents such as Ferrell, Reilly, Forte, Galifianakis, and the other supporting actors.  The comedy didn’t rest only on Tim and Eric’s shoulders, instead spreading talent to the other characters in the creator’s messed up world.  John C. Reilly is a frequent collaborator on the show, even spinning off his Steve Brule character for another Adult Swim show, and you can see shades of Brule in his Taquito character.  Forte comes off a little MacGruber-ish, just yelling and cursing at everyone, but is hilarious as always.  Well, honestly, all the support is pretty spot on, but not only in comedy, also in the sense they mesh with Tim and Eric’s already outlandish style.  Some actors would be too far out-of-place in Billion Dollar Movie‘s world, but these comedians do weird just as well as funny.

It’s hard to recommend such a film because of the obvious niche market in mind, but I’ve now become a full supporter of the film.  Tim and Eric make things that have no right to be comical totally and relentlessly funny.  The elements their humor is made on fail miserably in the wrong hands, but I dig every second of what they do.  I laugh straight through the overkill, the simplicity, the stupidity, the obviousness, the unnecessary gross outs, the breaking of the third wall, the moments that push too far, the absurdity, the weird, the strange, and most importantly the never before seen.  The best work Tim and Eric do is their Public Access type video shorts for any occasion, featuring intentionally awful editing and effects, and the Dobis introduction video may be in the top of that department.  But with all that said, there is always a risk that comes along with reward.  Sometimes Tim and Eric can be too much of the head scratching comedy, and the moment is lost.  If the overkill doesn’t last long enough, or the absurdity flies too high, or the simplicity doesn’t challenge, the joke is an utter dud.  Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie is no exception to the rule, even if it is a laugh riot most of the time.  Start small with Tim and Eric, but if you can work you way up to the feature film time duration, your victory will be oh so sweet.

Final Rating: 7.5 Shrim baths out of 10

There are a few inside jokes thrown around as well, so that’s another negative for non Tim and Eric fans…


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