Walking Dead: Ep11 “Chupacabra”

…And the rollercoaster ride continues.  After a season low last episode, “The Walking Dead” shoots right back up in the upper echelon.  Why can’t every episode be this in-depth and attention grabbing!  Well, mostly.  I’ll still argue the dull moments in the show are on a level that is unjustifiable, but “Chupacabra” really turned up the excitement at a pivotal time.  The writers sharpened up and gave Daryl, arguably the most watchable of all characters, a stand out role making him the central focus for a majority of the episode.  The result?  A break from the normal jaw flapping and over-emphasized character stereotypes.  Not to mention this episode shows us the devotion to staying on the comic track, again listening to the less than impressed viewers of last year.  A wise choice since season 1 paled in comparison to the comic.

Quick Recap because I’m so behind this week:
Tensions are starting to build between characters while staying at Hershel’s farm.  People want to use guns, Hershel doesn’t.  Carl is doing better.  Everyone splits up to go find Sophia.  There is still a strain on Rick and Shane’s relationship.  Daryl gets thrown off his horse, tumbles down a steep rock ledge, and lays injured with an arrow in his side.  He visions Merle talking to him and telling him how Rick can’t be trusted, trying to turn Daryl against the survivors.  Daryl comes to though, fights off some zombies, wills his way back up the ledge, and barely makes it back to the farm in one piece.  Andrea sees the battered Daryl approaching the farm, mistakes him for a zombie, takes a shot at him even though Rick and the others are talking to him in the field.  Luckily it grazes Daryl’s head, but could be just one more reason to turn Daryl against everyone.  Back to the other occurrences, Hershel looks down upon Maggie and her possible relationship with Dale, but the rebel daughter slips a piece of paper to Glen asking where they can meet that night.  She doesn’t read it until too late though, and finds out Glenn wants to meet her in the barn.  She freaks out, and we don’t know why.  That is until we cut to Glenn exploring the hay loft and finding a group of zombies locked up in the barn itself.  End scene.

What made “Chupacabra” so enthralling was the amount of doing and the lack of prospective planning.  Daryl’s character was given center stage this episode, setting his character arc for a major spin.  Because he was such a main part of this episode, one can only assume his suppressed feelings will cause a major commotion at some point, which I predicted in an earlier article about possible spoilers.  This won’t play in soon, but most likely at the end of the season.  The other events in this episode (zombies in the barn/pregnancy) are touchy because I know how the comic plays out, so I’d rather keep this episode recap short and see how everything develops tonight.  So, for now, I’ll just say my complaints about last week were non-existent, and hope desperately the following episodes continue at this higher pace now that we’re about halfway done with the season. Statistically the earlier episodes of a season are always slower, building up the story for later episodes, so I can’t help but be excited about how our survivors are going to turn out.  But for now, let’s just see how this whole pet zombie thing turns out.


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5 Responses to Walking Dead: Ep11 “Chupacabra”

  1. jovanny says:

    yeah im back. wow i dint now you like walking dead these show is the shit i mean is the 4 star general the best show on air . i simply love almost every episode it always keeps me in the edge of my chair ,the suspence and the drama is the best i cant get enought of these show i hope it newer ends. hey cinema did you see The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7 omg the foking endind i newer in a billion years expected it and trust my i ran a hundred scenarios on how they were going to ind her and the cops friend he just went nutsz but in a way that i hate hise character and love him at the same time fuck twilight zombies are the best undead monsters

  2. jovanny says:

    i meant i ran a billion scenarios on how they were going to find her but i never expected that

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