Human Centipede II: Full Sequence

Director: Tom Six

Notable Cast: Laurence R. Harvey, Ashlynn Yennie

Rating: UR

Review:  And we’re back.  The sequel no one was asking for but we’ll all watch dares to push the realms of sanity even farther than it’s “medically accurate” predecessor by turning shit upside-fucking-down.  Sorry, I refuse to censor myself when describing a film whose only motive is to incite discussion.  The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence is not a movie, but an exercise yet again to push audiences to their grotesque limit.  Hey, remember how sowing three people ass to mouth was fucked up?  Well, strap in, because we’ve got twelve this time!  Why?  “WHY THE FUCK NOT” says Tom Six, whom I now think should have all his closets checked for skeletons…literally.  But I think the worst, most mind-bending aspect of number two is the fact that it could have been a kick ass sequel to a dementedly depraved gross out film.  The premise starts out with such self-aware promise I actually thought Six had found a creative way to score on the human centipede idea.  But, alas, we’re left with a film that again makes us ask..why?  I get it Six, people are talking about your movie.  Just make something so revolting audiences have no choice but to spread opinions and you’re bound to get viewers based on curiosity alone.  Fuck, I watched it, and I was dead set against The Human Centipede: First Sequence.  So yes, I fed the sick, twisted machine that is Tom Six, but I have no problem reacting online afterwards like so many won’t.  Six, I can’t tell if you’re a genius or a lunatic, but how much different are the two?

So here we are, after the experiments of Dr. Heiter that left Jenny in the middle of a dead ass to mouth sandwich, and we find out it seriously was just a movie.  All that medically accurate talk…just for show.  As we watch the end of the original yet again, the camera pans out to find parking lot security guard Martin (Harvey) watching The Human Centipede: First Sequence on his laptop.  So, he’s just a dude who likes torture porn horror flicks, not too uncommon.  That shit still grosses millions, dude isn’t alone.  Then Martin knocks a couple unconscious in the parking lot, and loads them into his van.  Ok, I’m listening.  Martin drives to a warehouse for lease,  kills the landlord, and loads the two young adults (along with some existing victims) into his newly acquired surgery facility.  We watch Martin go back and forth from warehouse to parking lot, amassing patients until he reaches eleven.  Holding out for his cherry on top, actress Ashlynn Yennie is tricked by Martin into “auditioning” for a new Quentin Tarantino film..and by that I mean Martin lures her into the warehouse and makes her number 12 on his brand new centipede.  Yennie’s most popular role has now become her most frightful nightmare.  So the plot in a nutshell?  Martin is a crazed fan of Six’s most popular film, thinks it will help him get over his numerous emotional problems, wants to create his own human centipede, and fucking does it.  Simple as that.

How do you get creepier than a stern German doctor?  A short, fat, bug-eyed, un-intimidating man.  Wait…  

I mean, shit, how do you squander such an interesting starting plot with such a botched ending.  Six pretty much says “eh, I’m done fucking with these poor schmuck nobody actors” and abruptly ends the movie with an entirely uncalled for and pointlessly over the top almost end, followed by a real lazy garbage final ending.  It brings Full Sequence right back to why I hated First Sequence; there was no fucking reason.  I dig the whole film within a film universe and love a movie that can pull it off, but Full Sequence disappoints with such an anti-climactic end that the double universe is wasted.  Six wastes all his “creative” juices thinking of ways to humiliate the actors instead of putting real thought into the story, and any sense of rhyme or reason is lost.  A fine method if a movie is fun, but a failure if fun is traded for shock.  Right back to square one we’re shown this movie created only for the purpose to offend.  The art and style of the film is just downright tasteless.  Sure, Six goes 110% harder in delivery, but what he delivers is just a revolting sloppy mess with no real redeeming qualities.

But that doesn’t mean Six is just trying to cash in on his disgustingly perverted “cult classic.”  Six tries to channel his inner film student by opting for a black and white delivery.  Why?  Possibly to separate Full versus First, possibly to make it easier to shoot the gore, or possibly just to extenuate the color brown.  Which he does.  Guess for what?  Yeah, that was the push factor for me.  Six created one of the most nauseating, grotesque, and naturally fucked up moments on-screen as Martin forces his 12 person centipede to, well, feed.  2 Girls 1 Cup?  Try 12 people, 11 mouthes connected to assholes, and a laxative.   We passed the threshold of torture porn into fetish at this point, as I sat flabbergasted shaking my head in disbelief.  No words.  None.

The only positive I can throw is at our new psycho Lawrence R. Harvey (Martin) whom in his audition was asked by Six to rape a chair.  Yes.  That was his audition.  Harvey fit this mentally disturbed delinquent so scary well he seriously must have raped the shit out of this chair.  But hey, if you’re willing to rape a chair for a director, you surely are insane enough to embody a distorted sexual deviant obsessed with the idea of a “human centipede.”  Harvey gives a one of a kind performance no doubt, one he’ll never shake in his entire career.  And career as in he’s never appeared in another film.  For better or worse, he will be remembered.

I could go on forever how Six is a special kind of filmmaker, but not one I enjoy to promote.  Fact is, I saw both Human Centipede films, so mission accomplished for the controversial director.  The other fact?  They are both disgraceful pieces of trash not worth a spec on anyone’s radar.  Six does find every chance to one up his politically incorrect first film.  Take a woman victim?  Make her pregnant! Why?  WHO CARES, IT’S MESSED UP!  That’s all Six had his eyes on.  Could he create a film that tops one of the most hated upon films in recent years.  As a horror fan, I’m always willing to give any film a shot and will be the first to call out people knocking horror movies for being overly violent pieces of dribble.   But not even I could see anything worth defending in Full Sequence.  The sequel deserves every bit of hate it receives, not being able to defend any of its insanity.  I almost respect First Sequence more now because Six  makes the statement “Yeah, it’s just a movie, that’s it” by taking the film within a film approach.  And then Full Sequence crawls out from under the sickest, darkest, most dementedly un-entertaining rock possible.  Full Sequence will slither under your skin and make you question what creativity means.  It scares me to think where the desire to produce such acts for others to actually watch comes from.  And Human Centipede 3?  Not to say the ending was a cliffhanger, but what else can director Tom Six pull off?  I have a nagging feeling I’ll be watching another snuff A-to-M film all too soon.  Six, sincerely, what the fuck?

Final Rating: 3 more times I question humanity out of 10

The man, the myth, the legend: Tom Six


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  1. I… what? I really don’t understand.

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