NNWIJ: Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010)

Director: Kevin Greutert

Notable Cast: Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell, Cary Elwes, Sean Patrick Flanery

Rating: R

Review:  Seven movies, four directors, an estimated $900,000,000 in revenue, and we’re finally at the end of this epic roller coaster ride of insanity.  After milking every last possible drop of potential, it looks like we’re going to need a new franchise to take over the Halloween release slot.  Say what you will about to quality of Saw movies, but the producers ingeniously found a way to get people in the seats and money in their pockets.  Wouldn’t you beat a dead horse if it spewed money every time you struck it?  Well, finishing off the franchise is Saw 3D, the culmination of so many twisted plotlines I actually needed to research the first 6 films before it to refresh my memory on what had previously occurred.  Obviously there’s entirely too many spoilers to even try to discuss the plot, so for hose who haven’t seen a single Saw film I’ll keep my mouth zipped on that aspect.  But I will say for all the trickery and misguided information of the first films, Saw 3D actually ends pretty safely.  Sure, it gives you peace of mind that all the loose ends are tied up, but it lacked a serious surprise factor the other films had.  In a way, it does what a good franchise ender should, but I expected more from the Melton/Dunstan writing duo on this guy.  These two have some pretty creative minds for the horror genre, and I wanted the ending of Saw to be some grandiose conclusion.  You’re shutting down one of the biggest franchises in the last decade; go big or go home.  I wanted some balls to the wall insanity that pushed boundaries farther than any of the other films ventured to.  But, Saw 3D was nothing but a typical Saw; same setting with some different kills.  There were some pretty interesting kills, like the junkyard domino effect kill chain starring Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington, but the other’s lacked the same creative juices that once flowed through the franchise.  For my money’s worth, Saw 3D is watchable if you’re a fan of the earlier films.  You’ll rest easy knowing the fate of all your favorite recurring characters.  But, you can definitely find better horror even floating around the Watch Instantly list.  It’s hard to beat the first Saw in my opinion based on atmosphere and story, and none of the other entries even attempted to.  It might have been time to say goodbye to Jigsaw one or two movies back, but I’m glad they finally did decide to wrap up the franchise.  I don’t think anyone was screaming for a double-digit Saw movie….

Final Rating: 3/5 (2.5 honestly, but a 3 because of the Netflix rating scale)

About Matt Donato

I love all things film. I'll watch any genre, any actor, at any time. This whole film critic thing is a passionate hobby for now which I'm balancing with working in the business world, but hey, someday, who knows?
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