NNWIJ: From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999)

Director: Scott Spiegel

Notable Cast: Robert Patrick, Duane Whitaker, Danny Trejo, Bruce Campbell

Rating: R

Review:  I’ve been holding off on this sequel because of my immense love of the original, but with a lazy Sunday threatening and its addition to Watch Instantly list, I finally decided to give it a gander.  Not really sure why though, because it was just as bad as I thought.  Everything that made From Dusk Till Dawn so damn memorable was completely lost on this second attempt.  First of all, no input from Rodriguez or QT, so right there you’re taking a style hit.  Secondly, no killer cast to add credibility.  Watch actors like George Clooney gruesomely dispatch of vampires is just too much fun.  Here we got…Robert Patrick.  I give him Terminator 2, but that’s about it.  Oh, and don’t get excited because you see Bruce Campbell’s name.  He gets all of 5 lines?  Yeah, just as disappointed as you.  For shits sake, they barely even used original cast bartender Danny Trejo.  Thirdly…vampire strippers = crazy awesome. Regular vampires? Eh, not the same effect.  In fact, they kind of bored me in this one.  All they did was pop some colored contacts in and dusted their faces with coloring. Weaksauce.  The soundtrack of the original, mostly performed by chicano rock band Tito and Tarantula (who totally friggin’ rule), drove the tone of the original film and kept you in the mood.  Texas Blood Money has the stereotypical generic B-rate score that does absolutely nothing for the film.  Everything about the original was leaps and bounds better than the sequel, leaps and friggin’ bounds.  In fact, this could have been one of the worst films I’ve EVER seen.  In this installment, five men come together to rob a bank in Mexico.  But when one is attacked by a vampire and turned, one by one the group starts to be converted.  Ringleader Buck (Patrick) starts to notice his team is acting weird when they start to become sloppy and focused on time, so it’s up to him to keep everything controlled.  Of course he can’t and their vampire instincts take over, and from there the movie goes bananas.  But not in a good way.  The quoted critic on the poster says it all…”Lots Of Action!”  It’s just like saying “yeah, it’s here, doesn’t matter if it’s good or anything, but we have a lot of it!”  It barely even took place in the famed bar from the original…The Titty Twister.  Everything about it was a total fail.  Watch From Dusk Till Dawn to get a taste of pure horror insanity fun.  Watch From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money for a perfect example on how to completely fuck up a classic.

Netflix Rating: 1/5

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