Jackass 3.5

Director: Jeff Tremaine

Notable Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy, Dave England, Danger Ehren, Wee-Man

Rating: R

Review: If you had the chance to cash in on a multi-million dollar franchise twice in one year, wouldn’t you?  Some films have deleted scenes, but Jackass has the ingenious idea of taking all the extra material and slapping together another entire movie.  Jackass 2.5 was the same thing, taking leftover stunts that didn’t make the cut for Jackass 2 and mixing them with a ton of on set behind the scenes footage.  Don’t think Jackass 3.5 is a rip off though, because all the stunts here are new.  I used to love/hate the Jackass crew because they were making millions just for being assholes.  But now I only have love and respect for them because Jackass 3.5 had some seriously brutal stunts that validated the sheer insanity of what they do to themselves just to entertain us, and you probably couldn’t pay me enough to do some of these new stunts anyway.  Keep up the good work guys, I can’t believe this stuff didn’t make the 3D movie.

There’s no story or plot here, just more jackassery to keep the masses entertained.  I love these .5 movies though because we get the behind the scenes footage along with stunts. Some of this stuff is so crazy you can’t help but wonder what is scrolling through the performer’s heads the moment a bull is charging directly at them.  These extra films give us that look and go into the minds of these twisted bastards.  Also, could you imagine doing a bit that put you in the hospital, only to watch it get cut from the feature film? Some of these stunts were ten times more brutal than the stuff that stuck in the film, and it’s good to let them see the light of day.  There’s no surprises or new developments here, just more of the same old same old.  But, if you’re a fan of Jackass, there’s no reason why you won’t enjoy this latest installment just as much, or maybe even more than Jackass 3D.

How would you feel if this is what you did, and it got cut?

I think I actually liked this more than Jackass 3D myself.  I feel a lot of the stunts that didn’t get put in were actually more suited for the 3D aspect of the film, having more things coming at the screen or flying away from it.  One in particular started out as a human bowling ball skit, but was actually just an elaborate ruse set up by Johnny Knoxville for a much bigger prank.  The surface the cast was tricked onto standing was a giant lubed up piece of plastic essentially, making it almost impossible to move away.   For the movie they got this giant remote-controlled helicopter which two paintball guns mounted on either side of it, to rain down a colorful chaos on its unsuspecting victims. Giant remote-controlled paintball helicopter of death plus an almost unmanageable walking surface equals one of the most hilarious pranks/stunts the Knoxville has pulled off to date.  What I don’t get is how that missed the 3D mark though.  The cameras picked up some really cool angles and got shots of the helicopter shooting paintballs directly into the camera which would have really benefitted from a 3D treatment.  Instead we got a poop volcano…in 3D.

But the danger level was brought out in Jackass 3.5  what really made me respect what these entertainers do.  This rag-tag crew can be likened to the court jesters of old, simply being a form of entertainment and nothing more.  But the passion, love, and intensity that these people put into every stunt is what sets them apart.  They aren’t just flat-out idiots, but they actually meticulously plan every stunt to achieve the greatest possible reaction. They have no sense of their own self being, only caring to make us happy.  I’ll pull another stunt that was a perfect example of this.  We all know SteveO is a man possessed when it comes to pain tolerance, but even this stunt made me cringe.  Not because of what did happen though, because of what could have happened.  The crew set up a gauntlet in a warehouse for SteveO to run, using fire as the main obstacle.  Only having an elevated beam to traverse across, the floor was covered in flaming embers so that if SteveO fell off he’d be burned.  Of course that wasn’t enough though.  As he was trying to work his way across the beam, other crew members would be throwing flaming balls back and forth like a pendulum, trying to knock him into his fiery fate.  But not even that was enough! The owner of the building made them put some type of metal down under the coals so his floor didn’t get ruined, but all this did was turn them into giant frying pans.  But SteveO, only caring about how awesome the outcome would be either way, runs the gauntlet only to tumble into the coals halfway across.  Yet, as the medics are calling for an ambulance and trying to clean out the multiple burn wounds, SteveO has this gigantic grin of accomplishment accompanied by a child-like giggle he can’t repress.  It’s this love for what he does that lives inside every member of the Jackass crew, making them not just entertainers, but professionals in a messed up way.

Jackass 3.5 is a look into the pain and suffering that goes into these movies, but you can tell the crew wouldn’t have it any other way.  Chock full of all the vulgarity that didn’t make the feature film, you’ll get your dose of penis waving, poop shooting, and leg pissing for the year (I assume?).  The crew also has a ton of fun with the slow motion camera, which was easily my favorite part of the film.  Jackass fans are going to love this just as much as any other film, so financially this really can’t fail that bad.  It’s more of the same, but I can’t say I’m sick of it yet.

Final Rating: 8 more bone crunching accidents out of 10

Yup, the good old boys.


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