Day 22: Trippiest Film You’ve Ever Seen

My first instinct was A Clockwork Orange.  Right away.  But after some steady thought, I had to go with the one movie I was convinced got me high just by watching it.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Again, another typical pick, but how could you possible refute it.  A story about two drug abusing wackos spending the weekend in Vegas?  How is the imagery NOT going to mess with you.  Then you throw in all their crazy hallucination scenes like when Depp’s character pictures everyone as dinosaurs, or when he’s parading around the water filled room with a lizard tail on?  Or when the two enter a circus themed casino, tripping balls? We get to see every part of their delusional trip, and it takes us first person into the life of an addict.  Tons of distorted camera work and bat shit crazy antics make Fear and Loathing a drug filled classic.  Just try not to get a second-hand high from this film, I dare you.

What about the rest of you?  What film trips you out the most?

About Matt Donato

Co-Founder of the Certified Forgotten Universe. Editor, Podcaster, Writer, and pretty rad dude. Don't feed him after midnight, but beers are encouraged. Twitter/Instagram/Letterboxd: @DoNatoBomb.
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