NNWIJ: Assassination of a High School President (2008)

Director: Brett Simon

Notable Cast: Reece Daniel Thompson, Mischa Barton, Bruce Willis

Rating: R

Review:  Another lazy night, another Watch Instantly movie down.  Tonight, I picked a movie I was hoping to be filled with satirical views of high school mixed with some intriguing story telling.  No, I’m not watching Brick, but it’s B rate lesser brother Assassination of a High School President.  Following young Bobby Funke (Thompson) and his quest for the truth, Assassination tells the story of how missing SAT’s lead to the uncovering of many more clues, showing Bobby that the deception runs much deeper than let on.  How come my high school career wasn’t filled with cases to solve like in movies; did I skip that day?  Micha Barton plays his love interest Francesca, the hottest girl in school who befriends the nerdy underling for his help.  Because that ever happened in real life.  But after seeing Brick, I can’t help but have the concept sullied in my mind.  Assassination did everything Brick did, picked a geeky lead to work his way through all the high school cliques in hopes of uncovering a deeply involved mystery, but never as well.  They tried adding Bruce Willis as an ex-military drill sergeant type principle that always overreacted to situations, but he ultimately comes off as too ridiculous of a character.  They tried making the other characters super quirky and segregated in their groups, but instead come off as overplayed stereotypes.    Assassination was too closely related to Brick for me, which is only a problem because Brick was so superior.  I won’t trash the whole movie because it is watchable though.  I’ve seen a lot worse, and Assassination is able to pull off its own entertaining microcosmic high school world in scenes.  The characters are watchable, and are good for a few chuckles at the least.  If you’re looking for a great mystery movie set in the boundaries of high school, go find Brick first.  But if you’re like me and already discovered that splendid film, Assassination proves to be an ample time waster and a decent commentary on the high school world, good for some humor and trips down memory lane.

Netflix Rating: 3/5

About Matt Donato

Co-Founder of the Certified Forgotten Universe. Editor, Podcaster, Writer, and pretty rad dude. Don't feed him after midnight, but beers are encouraged. Twitter/Instagram/Letterboxd: @DoNatoBomb.
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