NNWIJ: Dead Snow (2009)

Director: Tommy Wirkola

Notable Cast: Bunch of Norwegians

Rating: R

Review:  I love me some zombie movies, and recently the only good ones are being developed overseas.  I had heard of this film while it was being shown everywhere but in the States, and have been tracking its availability since.  So, of course, when I logged onto Netflix one day and saw this available on Watch Instantly, the next hour and a half of my life were determined.  Nazi zombies?  Stupid vacation going college students?   Chainsaws? Please, this had cult classic written all over it.  And boy I was right. Following a group of pre-med students heading to a secluded snow-covered cabin in the mountains, they accidentally stumble upon some hidden treasures.  Little do they know the fortune belongs to a group of Nazis who terrorized the nearby town, and their reanimated corpses plan on keeping it.  Damn those kids are screwed.  Zombies are bad enough…but Nazi zombies??  Zombies with an agenda I guess.  The greatest parts of the film emerge because Dead Snow never ever takes itself seriously.  Blood is splattered on the pure white snow like an artist splashing a canvas, and I say that in the most sane way possible. It gave me everything I needed for a successful zombie movie.  Creative kills, plenty of laughs, gallons of gore, and a fun atmosphere.  Best of all, it was fresh.  Even just changing plain Jane zombies into evil Nazi zombies.  In the most simplest kudos, at least Dead Snow tried to bring something new to the table in a zombie film.  The rest was just icing on a tantalizingly delicious cake.  There are also a bunch of references to American cinema, which was funny to think how influential we actually are.  Characters do terrible Arnold impressions and quote some of our most classic movies.  It was a nice little touch thrown in to appease us American viewers.  But in all seriousness, Dead Snow is one of my favorite zombie movies, and one of the best zombie films in recent years.  It’s filled with tons of B-grade fun and guts, and isn’t afraid to make jokes about itself.  Production value was nice and the effects were top-notch, which is big for lesser known horror films.  Dead Snow is the real deal, and should be your first choice if you’re looking for some silly zombie filled fun.  The only drawback is that it’s subtitled, but I promise it’s worth it.

Netflix Rating: 4/5

About Matt Donato

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4 Responses to NNWIJ: Dead Snow (2009)

  1. Ashley Sutherland says:

    Dead Snow was pretty good. I really liked the part where the last two guys standing thought they were in the clear, until more Nazi Zombies popped up out of the snow like demonic prairie dogs. Clearly they wanted their stolen gold back. Way to check your pockets bro, you would have made a terrible doctor, so maybe it was better that you did not make it. However, getting caught up in the moment and cutting your girlfriend basically in half was an unexpected treat. And thank you for cutting off your own arm. Inspiring. P.S. Love the uniforms, they look super authentic and warm.

  2. Haha you like your Norwegian films it looks like. Again, another example or foreign films kicking ass. One of the better zombie films I’ve seen as of late, mixing in both horror, gore, and comedy. Dead Snow starts off like all the others, dumb students on break in a secluded location, but then the treasure adds a fantasy element and offers at least some background instead of just unleashing Nazi zombies without explanation. Touche on your tastes by the way as of your recent commenting haha

  3. Ashley Sutherland says:

    Why thank you Cinema 🙂 I was raised on horror and gore films. My family has an actual Zombie Apocalypse contingency plan haha. But really, there have been so few good American horror flicks these last couple of years, I have had to branch out to foreign pieces. There is a French flick called “Mutants” that you should check out. It’s kinda slow here and there but it was worth viewing. The Norwegians and the French have a special place in my heart because they just do not care. They make whatever movie that want, with as much blood and guts as they can find. It’s awesome. I think we have similar tastes in horror flicks, so touche right back at ya.

  4. Well if you’re talking French then I’m assuming you’ve seen the likes of Martyrs, High Tension, Frontier(s), and The Pack? The Pack may be a litte stretch based on your own tastes, as I enjoyed it more than others. But the rest mentioned all warrant an immediate viewing if you have not yet! And a zombie contingency plan? lol Better safe than sorry eh? I saw Mutants on the Watch Instantly list, so you can expect a write up sometime soon….

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