NNWIJ: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (1998)

Director: Terry Gilliam

Notable Cast: Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro, Tobey Maguire, Ellen Barkin, Cameron Diaz, Gary Busey, Christina Ricci

Rating: R

Review:  What better of a film is there the depict the insane drug culture of the 70s?  Describing the experiences of known drug abuser Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas shows the scary reality of the brutal drug abuse that went on in the height of the psychedelic drug movement.  Director Terry Gilliam assembled a truly talented cast that fits extremely well into the dementedly outrageous Fear and Loathing, one of his many famed films.  Johnny Depp fires lines faster than audibly possible to hear, while Del Toro just always has that paranoid and drugged look on his face.  For a part like this, there was no over acting.  The more Depp wobbled around and the more Del Toro broke into vicious outbursts, the more convincing their performance was.  On the cinematography side, Fear and Loathing is like one giant acid trip; with many distorted images, twirling cameras, and situations only the mind of an insane druggie can create.  Situations vary from Johnny Depp thinking he’s in a bar full of reptiles to hallucinating bats flying above the convertible as he drives into Las Vegas.   Kudos to both lead actors while were on it, who create characters that fit the tone of the movie so well.  Both characters were knocked out of the park, Depp’s especially.  The film is more of a work of art than your usual entertaining flick, but it all works so beautifully.  You can’t help but be entranced by the pretty colors and absurdity of the trips both characters take.  If anything, the amazement of how people actually lived like this is enough to keep you hooked.  But the bizarreness will ultimately be what keeps you entertained the most, as you take one of the most far out rides of your life.  A great account of what drugs have the potential of distorting, and how people let it run their lives.  All for our enjoyment of course.

Netflix Rating: 5/5

About Matt Donato

Co-Founder of the Certified Forgotten Universe. Editor, Podcaster, Writer, and pretty rad dude. Don't feed him after midnight, but beers are encouraged. Twitter/Instagram/Letterboxd: @DoNatoBomb.
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