Walking Dead: Ep5 “Wildfire”

ONE EPISODE LEFT!  Sad sad realities are coming true.  No “Walking Dead” TV show for another year after next week!  But, this season keeps rolling and episode 5 was no different any of the last. Last time Rick had to deal with the entire ordeal of the camp being overrun by zombies, so it’s only reasonable that it become decision time for the camp.  So lets recap:

The episode opens grimly with the remaining survivors cleaning up after the zombie attack on the camp.  Andrea is hovering over her sister Amy’s body, refusing to leave or let anyone come near.  Shane starts to show signs on hostility towards Rick, accusing him of making the camp weaker by taking four able bodies to the city.  Rick retorts and says if he never got the weapons they would be infinitely weaker.  Of course, Laurie gets in the middle of it, and ends up saying she sees both men having reasonable arguments (love triangle drama!)  Back with Andrea, Amy’s body zombifies and Andrea is right there to offer her comfort before she puts a bullet through her head.
While moving the dead bodies around, Jim reveals he was bitten during the attack. Daryl immediately votes killing him the only option, but Rick declares that no one kill the living.  They tend to Jim, and realize decisions have to be made soon.  Rick suggests heading to the CDC, saying if any governmental operation was still left it would be them. Shane says they should head for a military base about 100 miles away, but eventually gives his trust to Rick when Laurie refuses to not back her husband.  Shane gets the picture, and realizes he’s not winning Laurie back.  So the group readies up and waits till morning to leave.
During some last-minute preparations, Morales informs the group that he will instead be going to try to reconnect with family instead of heading to the CDC.  Farewells are said, and the group sets out.  After a few pit stops though, Jim’s condition worsens.  He says his final wish is to be left on the side of the road, so he can be with his family (die in peace).  Rick struggles with the idea, but Dale calmly makes him see it isn’t his decision. So, Rick props him against a tree, again goodbyes are said, and the group presses on down another man.
Cut to camera feed from inside the CDC, and a lab technician is seen recording data from tests he’s still running.  It appears that he’s using infected flesh and monitoring the virus, until he accidentally mixes the wrong chemicals and creates contamination that is deemed hazardous.  Watching from the safety of a window, he sees his last fresh sample incinerated.  We learn he is the only one in the building, and he informs the camera he’s going to get hammered.  Camera off.
When Rick and the group arrive at the CDC, it looks desolate.  The outside is littered with dead zombies and soldiers, showing no survivors.  Rick doesn’t give up hope though, because the building appears to be in lock down.  He bangs on the door, and yells into the camera. We can see the technician inside, reluctant to let anyone in, but Rick has no idea. Shane tries to convince him he’s crazy, and for a while it looks like Rick is.  Until the very last second when the doors rise open.  The camera pans out to reveal the group, staring into a bright white light being emitted from the opening.  Have they finally reached safety?  CLIFFHANGER!

It’s all coming to an end soon people.  The survivors are dwindling, and the decisions are becoming harder.  Now, I do have a gripe, because this little CDC route they’re taking has nothing to do with the comic.  I really have to stop thinking this way because I believe that the TV show is a reinvention of the comic.  The crew is allowed to have their own creative ideas, because this is their take on the brilliant comic.  I love the TV show so far. I don’t hold it against the show at all that it is taking its own path.  So after this, I promise I no longer will compare the show to the comic.  But, in the comic, there is no CDC.  So while watching the show, I only get more and more confused because I think I know what’s coming next, but again the show goes its own way.  As it turns out, quite the opposite is happening.  Not bad, but I was really wanting the show to follow the comic as strict as possible.  I can now abandon that feeling and focus completely on the show though, which may be a blessing in disguise.  From that, I feel that T-Dog is going to be the show’s Tyreese, and no not only for racist reasons.  They seem to be playing with some of the characters attributes (Andrea), and the fact that T-Dog is still around makes me think he won’t be going anywhere for a little while longer.

Next week is it people.  The gang is holding up in the CDC.  No threat of zombies?  Don’t worry, there’s plenty of human drama still left.  Next episode will be the test to see if the comic’s are abandoned at all.  I can only pray they use the comic’s ending to this chapter, but somehow I find that doubtful.  One can only hope, right?



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