Night of the Demons

Director: Adam Gierasch

Notable Cast: Shannon Elizabeth, Diora Baird, Monica Keena, Edward Furlong, John F. Beach, Michael Copon, Bobbi Sue Luther

Rating: R

Review:  Money is tight, so recently direct to DVD reviews have been the way to go.  This time I indulged in some B-movie remake goodness with the promise of hot party goers and gore.  The original Night of the Demons achieved cult status in the ’80s, the same thing the remake tried to do I can only assume.  It was very cookie-cutter though for a horror movie, as it followed every guideline in the horror handbook.  It did deliver on gore and some awesome boobage, but the rest of the film was just the same recycled horror junk.  Same stupid teenagers, same creepy haunted house setting, and the same stupid decisions that get them killed.  As a time waster, it worked, but in no way is this a pivotal release in the horror genre.

Lets recap.  Angela (Elizabeth) is a party promoter whose latest shindig is being held at an old spooky house with a bloody history.  Years ago a woman invited 6 people over to her house in hopes of winning over the heart of one particular guest, but they were never heard from again and the house was condemned.  So what better place to pack full of drunken party goers ready to make bad decisions? Just as the party is reaching its peak, the cops come and end the hopes of every guy pumping drinks into his date.  Everyone clears out except Angela, Jason (Beach), Dex (Copon), Lily (Baird), Maddie (Keena), Suzanne (Luther), and local drug dealer Colin (Furlong).  But when they find a some old bodies in the basement after some exploring, they accidentally unleash the same evils that caused a similar bloody massacre that occurred many years back.  The unlucky partiers now have to avoid being possessed by ancient demons before the sun rises if they want to make it out alive.  Spoiler…they all don’t.

That’s not how you drink from a bottle silly….

So what attributed to yet another lackluster horror remake?  The cast wasn’t too unheard of.  Hottie heroine Diora Baird is no stranger to horror films after starring in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and more recently the sequel 30 Days of Night: Dark Days. Monica Keena doesn’t have much besides Freddy vs. Jason and Bobbi Sue Luther has the lesser known Laid to Rest/The Poughkeepsie Tapes on their resumes, which translates into being added to the cast to boost the hotness quota.  Shannon Elizabeth brings a big name to the cast plenty of people know to garner some attention, plus again smokin’ hotness. Then somehow Edward Furlong squeaked his way in the cast.  Either the casting thought it would bring some kind of publicity to the movie or Furlong did unspeakable things for some work, but I couldn’t believe he belonged in this movie.  A bunch of perky teens and I’m supposed to believe the hoboish Edward Furlong had a relationship with one of them?  Sorry.  One of these things is definitely not like the other, especially being past his surprising prime.

A lot of the success of a movie such as Night of the Demons hinges greatly on the entertainment factor of the film.  There are no Oscars coming from a film like this, and no one caring about how many stars the film receives.  Overall, the film just wants to achieve the same crazy cult success of the original.  And does it?  Aside from some psychotics involving a disappearing tube of lipstick and a random demon orgy, there wasn’t enough consistent entertainment to keep me fully stoked.  Every once in a while the film would show signs of breaking out into something crazy, but then return to horror normalcy for another 20 minutes.  It seemed like at random the film would realize how much of a lull it was putting its audience into, and just throw something up to appease the audience.  Seeing Shannon Elizabeth and Monica Keena hooking up for our entertainment?  You have my attention.  Listening to Edward Furlong curse and struggle through his lines?  Yawn.

The demons were also pretty lame in my opinion.  There was nothing special about them to make them scary except a little face altering makeup.  They had a nasty habit of getting a hold of the kids only to growl and stare at them menacingly until someone else hit them off.  Ever watch a movie and wonder how the villains can be that dumb?  Like why don’t they just bite into the victim instead of jabbering away just long enough for someone to free their prey?  Yea, these demons are the epitome of this problem.  It’s just too Hollywood.  The demons are too silly and too   to actually be feared.  And as ridiculous as that sounds, it actually makes a difference in the big picture.

In the end, there just wasn’t enough fun to be had with this film than there should have been.  Ignorant young adults in an ominous house that turns out to be possessed by demons?  The simple plot should have led to more creativity other places.  Like dialogue. I know people that age don’t come off that intelligent, but I swear we have the capability of putting together intelligent thoughts instead of just “oh sh*t man, we’re f%cking f#cked!” Just such stereotypical character dialogue.  The gore also lacked creativity for a cult movie. There were so many people in the initial party scene.  So much fun could have been had if all those people got stuck in the house.  But instead only 7 are left in the house, which ties into the plot so they had to, yes.  But even then, all of them aren’t even killed.  They get “possessed,” so all that happens is one of those cheap fast motion sequences where the person starts shaking violently in blurred vision, and then all that’s changed is some cheesy makeup.  It was rather uneventful for a movie whose trailer promises horror/comedy that never was there.  If you want something unique from a horror film, this is the last place you should be looking.

Final Rating: 5.5 times I realized how dead Edward Furlong’s career is out of 10

Mmmm….demons who look like they’re wearing Halloween masks….


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