NNWIJ: Blue Mountain State (2010-?)

Creator: Eric Falconer, Chirs Romano

Notable Cast: Darin Brooks, Alan Ritchson, Chris Romano, Ed Marinaro, Sam Jones III

Rating: TV-MA

Review:  I have to admit, when I first saw commercials for this show, I thought it looked extremely moronic.  There’s stupid humor, then there’s stupid college humor.  It’s on a whole other level.  But, when this show appeared on Watch Instantly I said screw it, I like some pretty stupid comedy, so this might actually not be half bad.  Well, it took me two sittings to watch all 13 episodes.  I was laughing hysterically most of the time thanks to the insane portrayal of what college life is like for privileged athletes.  The lifestyle is horribly stereotypical and it is the total Hollywood envisioning of college, but at the same time it is as much of a satire as it is a comedy.  Of course, the only thing important to the characters is getting wasted and hooking up girls, even though the show is about a college football team.  You won’t even see the team play a single game.  I find it hilarious, making the comment that even to the football players, the sport is like #3 on their priority list.  The characters are also amazing.  Alex is the second string quarterback who describes it as the best position in sports, Craig is the all-star rookie out to win a Heisman but who is also dating a girl withholding sex until marriage, Sam is the mascot of the team out for only a good time, and Thad: the captain of the team who has a brain that doesn’t get much farther than football/woman/drinking and also displays numerous accounts of homosexual tendencies.  The coach is a ballbuster, and the rest of the team provide comedic support at multiple times.  There’s too much fun to be had with this series.  It’s simply about the kids in college who can get away with anything, but on a completely Hollywood level.  Why couldn’t I find Blue Mountain State?!

Netflix Rating: 5/5


About Matt Donato

I love all things film. I'll watch any genre, any actor, at any time. This whole film critic thing is a passionate hobby for now which I'm balancing with working in the business world, but hey, someday, who knows?
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