Jackass 3D

Director: Jeff Tremaine

Notable Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy, Dave England, Danger Ehren, Wee-Man

Rating: R

Review: So, we live in a society where fake horror movies get banned for their unrealistic content, but we let the Jackass crew get away with things like this??  Trust me, I don’t argue, because I love them just as much as the next fan, but where are our priorities at?  Why do we block violent horror films?  “We don’t want to subject viewers to FAKE graphic violence and FAKE gore because they will become desensitized to such acts.”  So instead we let viewers watch REAL people doing REAL moronic stunts that cause REAL injuries but who always make look “cool” and hilarious.  Right, viewers are much more at risk to imitate fake monsters than the highly popular REAL Jackass crew, which only takes a little work to set up the stunts they do. But what bout the gratuitous nudity in horror films these days Nato?! It’s unnecessary and perverted!  That shouldn’t be allowed either!  Haha, Ok, go watch Jackass 3D.  That’s all I have to say. Priorities people, priorities.  But non the less, Jackass 3D delivers on laughs yet again, even if it is much more juvenile and immature than its predecessors.  The crew got a hold of 3D technology and did to it what a group of middle-schoolers probably would have done.  Get ready for belly laughs, multiple cringes, and a ton of “What in the f$ck? Who the hell let them do this sh*t!”

I let the introduction run a little long because the plot doesn’t really warrant that much explanation.  The Jackass guys embarrass and destroy themselves on camera for your amusement.  Simple as that.  The new movie involves port-a-potty bombs, super glue, bees, midgets, deification, and the return of the hilarious geriatric delinquents from the other movies.  I don’t want to ruin any of the stunts for you, but they did some of the stupidest things, even for them, in this movie.  It was like all the actors wanted to really set the bar for their stupidity.  Jackass 3D was the culmination of all their works, their “coup de gráce” if you will.  Everything was testing the waters in terms of what they can take, and in their latest installment they made sure they pushed every single boundary they had.  But the rest is filled with stupidity.  There was a serious lack of constant flow and the gang instead focused on gross-out humor instead of the regular danger their stunts used to have.

Surprisingly un-epic part of the movie…

So lets discuss the 3D aspect of this film.  I do applaud them for their attempt to bring some creativity to the technology.  There were plenty of things shot at the camera so it had the effect of coming out at you (like a paintball gun) and it added some cool depth to the title cues at the beginning of each segment that put the title in front of the actors.  But again, worth the 3D ticket?  No way.  I’ve yet to be impressed by the new “3D” technology in way that didn’t make it hard to sit down after the movie.  I would have enjoyed this Jackass just as much if it was in plain old 2D, just like the other two.  It didn’t bring any edge to the film, just enhancing a scene or two every so often.  Sadly, the 3D comes off again as just another way to make you pay even more for the already overpriced ticket.  I swear, I don’t just hate 3D.  I’m waiting for the day I can honestly say a 3D ticket was worth the outrageous price, but I’m still waiting.

What did the film lack though?  The danger that every one of their skits used to have. Jackass 3D was a giant exercise in seeing how disgusted the performers could make the audience instead of going balls to the wall in a physical manner.  It wasn’t all the time, because there were still some pretty intense stunts, but they thought just throwing a naked guy on camera every now and then would get some laughs.  There’s a part of the movie where they just simply are throwing dildos (dildoes? Never had to pluralize that word) around.  Apparently that’s supposed to be funny.  And to a degree, you chuckle, because yes I am incredibly immature, but the Jackass crew is better than that. Everything was done cleverly in past projects and they never had to stretch for laughs, but here some of the humor was below even their immaturity level.

Be warned, you are going to see a lot of dick in this film.  A whole lot.  The boys will get naked on a whim, which happens way too many times.  And there will a ton of peeing, utilizing 3D technology.  And some shit.  Literally.  But it’s Jackass right?  So it is expected to a degree. But even I can admit, not to this degree.  It will be too much for some and you will be extensively grossed out.  It’s amazing no one vomited in the packed theater I was in.  I figured out of all those people at least one wouldn’t make it, right?  In fact, the patron next to me wouldn’t shut up to her boyfriend how she couldn’t take the film, but instead he made her stay and torture me the entire film because she wouldn’t shut her damn mouth.  Asshole.

So who can I recommend Jackass 3D to?  Mainly anyone with a maturity level somewhere around the level a 13-year-old has.  If you can’t take gross out images, potty humor, and sheer stupidity, then you shouldn’t partake in the Jackass hyjinx.  And also stop being all high and mighty because that shit is hilarious.  You will laugh, there is no doubt in my mind that most will laugh at some part of the movie at least.  Everyone will have their own favorite skit that makes them break down crying in the theater.  As dumb as the crew of Jackass is for endangering their lives for our entertainment, they sure do know how to make a hilarious movie.  And can you ask for much more?

Final Rating: 7 flying dildos out of 10

There’s also a ton of skin-flapping shots.  Another great use of the 3D….not.



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