NNWIJ: Drive Thru (2007)

Director: Brendan Cowles/Shane Kuhn

Notable Cast: Leighton Meester, Nicholas D’Agosto, Melora Hardin, Larry Joe Campbell, Morgan Spurlock

Rating: R

Review: Campy slasher movie on Netflix Watch Instantly?  How could I resist!  Drive Thru’s gimmick is that local Hella Burger mascot Horny the Clown starts murdering teenagers in the small town of Blanca Carne. But why the teens? Why is the clown hacking up the town?  Eh, the usual interchangeable revenge filled reasons, killer comes back from the dead to torture the children whose parents had tormented him when he was a teenager.  Sucks for them, right?  It had an interesting horror concept, the acting wasn’t too terrible, but again another slasher that lacks innovation.  The plot is spoon fed as it treats you like a toddler.  Horny the Clown was a suitable killer though, spouting off some pretty good one liners while slicing and dicing the local teens with his flame customized cleaver.  His costume was outlandish, with some KISS approved spiked platform shoes, but it made him even more interesting and entertaining as a killer.  How would you react if a killer KISS clown was chasing you?  You’ll recognize Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl, Nicholas D’Agosto from Fired Up!, Melora Hardin from The Office, Larry Joe Campbell from According to Jim, and even Morgan Spurlock from the documentary Supersize Me (who fittingly plays a Hella Burger manager).  So you’ve got some faces to recognize, and a few interesting enough kills to keep you watching.  But this is a huge genre piece.  Watch this once if you’re a huge slasher fan, but if not just move on down the list.  Oh, and be ready for Horny’s return in the horribly clichéd sequel titled Drive Thru 2: The Nightmare Is Just Beginning.  Face it, anything can get a sequel today.

Netflix Rating: 2/5


About Matt Donato

I love all things film. I'll watch any genre, any actor, at any time. This whole film critic thing is a passionate hobby for now which I'm balancing with working in the business world, but hey, someday, who knows?
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