NNWIJ: The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009)

Director: Troy Duffy

Notable Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Billy Connolly, Clifton Collins Jr., Julie Benz, Peter Fonda, Judd Nelson

Rating: R

Review:  Well, I journalized the first of the series, might as well do this one too.  Troy Duffy returns to the Boondock universe some 10 years later with the follow-up to his tremendous cult hit The Boondock Saints.  What can you expect from his second go around?  More of the same.  Much more of the same in fact.  It was almost as if Duffy copy and pasted the exact time line of the first film, added some new characters and new motivations, and came out with this film.  The story follows the MacManus brothers (Flanery/Reedus) as they return to Boston because the Italian mafia has framed them for a hit on an innocent priest.  Really though, it was just a ploy to get the brothers back in town so Concezio Yakavetta (Nelson) can restore the family name by killing the men who executed his father.  They meet a new sidekick to accompany them on their adventures in Romeo (Collins Jr.) who takes the place of Rocco.  We also have the addition of Julie Benz as Agent Eunice Bloom, the apprentice of Dafoe’s famous old character Agent Paul Smecker.  The whole Boston PD crew is back also, with Greenly, Duffy, and Dolly.  And, nothing has changed either.  The way Duffy sets up the scenes is exactly a copy of his first movie.  The brothers create a plan, talk it out, and it cuts to the crime scene where Agent Bloom re-creates the scene while we watch it happen.  It is a lot flashier this time, and you can tell Duffy had an increase in budget the second time around.  But everything is safe.  If it happened in Boondock 1, chances are it happened in Boondock 2 also.  Duffy adapts the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” method for making his sequel mostly.  But with that said, I didn’t have a total problem with it.  He was able to tie this film to the original while also introducing more characters and giving other old characters more screen time.  Think of Boondock 2 as Boondock 1 with more money and star power.  Sure it doesn’t live up to the cult hype first, but could it honestly?  Fan boys have built up the reputation for the first so high that Boondock 2 really had no realistic chance of meeting it.  I found myself still enjoying this movie as a sequel, and as a film standing on its own.  Duffy returns with just as much stylized action and hard rock as the first, and even found a way to bring Rocco back in a way that didn’t make me cringe.  Don’t skip on Boondock 2 just because you don’t want to ruin your image of the first.  It won’t.  Boondock 2 is a fun and entertaining film that will give your fix of vigilante justice until the next film…which Duffy hinted at in an interview.  It’s interesting, would I rather him cut his losses?  Or bring back the MacManus brothers for one final blaze of glory.  Guess we’ll find out…

P.S.- Rocco’s monologue is perfect.  It’s a great break in the film and every time I watch it I get pumped up.  Something to live by right there.

Netflix Rating: 4/5 (woulda been a 3.5 but it didn’t deserve the 3 in my eyes)

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